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Y’know what I find weird in the Arrival DLC?

Batarians have four eyes. But the guards with helmets on at the prison only have two eyes on their helmets.

That seems weird.

What if the extra two eyes are a liability?

It’s more likely that they just didn’t wanna code a second type of enemy for a dlc. Cause they look exactly like the indoctrinated human enemies that you fight for most of the dlc.


Anonymous asked:

(If you're willing to talk ME) What are your thoughts on heretic geth and the concept of them worshiping the old machines/Reapers? Or religion at all in terms of artificial life? Someone once told me that the geth were in the wrong because they're very logic based beings and should have been able to determine that it wouldn't turn out well for them. (anon because i'm shy sorry)


Can I preface this with saying I’ve always felt terrible about killing the geth who were in the middle of worshipping on Feros in the first game. it just felt so wrong to gun them down in that room, even if I didn’t have a choice

I think the geth worshiping the Reapers is different than how humans worship gods. Sovereign was there. Sovereign was a tangible entity that they could see and hear and that seemed to represent everything they hoped to be. Here was an actual being who had become what they one day hoped to also become and it showed that it was not only possible, but it was even extending an offer to them to bring them to the same level of synthetic evolution. For organics, becoming processed into a Reaper is horrific and terrible. But the geth WANTED that. So a bad outcome for organics would be a good outcome for them. so would it have actually turned out bad for them to share the fate of everyone else? 

I’m glad they included the heretic geth. A robot species that everyone expects to all be alike, and they have this splinter among themselves in how they want to reach their final goals. Like Legion said, neither side was “wrong”. It was all about self-determination. do they become this ‘Reaper’-like being through their own efforts, or do they follow the orders of someone else in order to be brought to that end. one is less than two, two is less than three

All in all, interesting plotline that I’m happy happened. I love the geth

I’ve always felt kind of bad for the heretic geth because I think at one point Sovereign or Harbinger or Saren or someone says that the Reapers actually sort of detest the geth for their reliance on a networked intelligence and that they never intended to bring the geth up to their level.

So I have to wonder, if the Reapers had won, how it would feel to be one of those heretic geth and look up at your gods knowing they were real and that they lied to you. That your gods thought so little of you. That they considered you less than the organics that they looked down upon and encouraged you to fight.

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